3rd Floor, Beside Sant Eknath Rang Mandir,
Opp. IDBI Bank, New Usmanpura, Auranganad. 431001
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Seven Hills Diagnostics Center

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AboutThe Client

They are a team of dedicated professionals engaged in providing ultra-modern diagnostic facilities to the people of Marathwada. In the highly specialized world of medicine today, one needs specific qualifications and experience for different fields such as radiology, pathology, anesthesia etc. At Seven Hills Diagnostic Center, they have full time Radiologists, Pathologists, Anesthetists and wellness consultant each with ample experience in their respective field.

Total quality management and superb efficiency are the core of success in any field esp. diagnostics. In team, they have highly experienced people who take care of the day-to-day management leaving the specialized doctors free to concentrate on diagnosis.

They provide features like Radiology, Pathalogy, etc.
They are the only one diagnostic center in Aurangabad having 3T MRI Machine with Multi-Trasmit Technology.

Reception - Seven Hills Diagnostics Center
MRI Machine - Seven Hills Diagnostics Center
Seven Hills Diagnostics Center

About this project

Abhis Academy is an educational institute. They wanted a site for an institute with online MCQ exam system. It comes with two major section i.e Admin Panel and Student Panel. The complete site is Ajax based.

Targeted goals :- One of the most important goal was that site must be responsive.

From Student point view :-

1. Student can give exam online. 2. It must be objective test i.e MCQ. 3. Student can give only that exams for which he is enrolled. 4. He can give exam only once. 5. He should get the score immediately. Plus he can see the test he has given with answers so that he will come to know where he was wrong. What mistake he made. 6. Each one will have his/her individual profile. 7. He/She can edit the profile whenever they want.

From admin point of view :-

1. Admin can fill the exam. He can manually enter duration, number of questions, negative marks for each test. 2. He can set the date for test. It means the particular test will be activated for particular duration as he mentioned. He can reactivate test whenever he want. 3. Admin can activate/deactivate any student any time he want. 4. Admin can modify any test any time. It means, if admin want to change the number of question in the test from 25 to 40, he can edit that test and add the remaining questions easily. 5. Admin can see the students result and he can edit the student profile. 6. He can upload any news or downloadable file from admin panel. So that student can see that news or download that file from website. 7. He wanted the university result and class result separately. Class result means the test that has been given on institute’s site. I completed all of task successfully. I handled all the modules and task perfectly like Responsiveness Design (Front end) Database (Back end) Dynamic Coding (Back end) Dealing with client This is all about my major project I have done yet.